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Q: How do I play Hatcher?
You play each level of Hatcher by clicking on the eggs/balls as they appear on the screen. Once you have three of a kind that match, those eggs go to the Hatcher to hatch. If your Hatcher is already hatching some eggs and there is no free slot, then you need to wait a moment before you can make another hatch.

Q: How do I buy abilities?
You can purchase abilities with in-game coins that you earn. You can buy/unlock new abilities on the level up screen or from the shop which you can reach on the main menu.

Q: How is my progress saved?
Current progress is saved directly on your device. Deleting or removing the data locally will cause you to lose progress and any purchases you may have made.

Q: What features will be added soon so the game?
Coming Soon:

Q: How can I request additional support?
Please send an email to Thank you!

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